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Welcome to the Website of Stanley Johnson.

Stanley Johnson was born in Cornwall, raised on Exmoor, and educated at Sherborne School in Dorset and Exeter College, Oxford. More about Stanley

Boris' Resignation Speech

Boris Johnson's resignation speech: full transcript

Published in The Telegraph, 7 Jul 2022


Honorary citizen of N. Pelion, the father of Boris Johnson: "The issue of the return of the sculptures is open"

Published on 24th Jun 2022, ERT News.

Boris Johnson's father is an honorary citizen of Pelion - What he said about the Parthenon Sculptures

Published on 24th Jun 2022, Proto Thema.

Stanley Johnson, British PM's Father, to Become Honorary Citizen in Greece

Published on 17th Jun 2022, Greek Reporter.


Climate Change: Stanley Johnson looks ahead to 'important' COP26 in Glasgow, 5th October 2021.

THE ROAD TO GLASGOW: STANLEY JOHNSON ON COP26 published on the Vuelio Blog, 13th January 2021.

The Warming

The WarmingPublished on 15th Feb 2021.

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The Virus

The VirusPublished on 15th June 2020.

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Boris in hospital

'He is optimistic, determined and resilient': Stanley Johnson's father Stanley believes PM has the strength to beat coronavirus. CLICK HERE for article by Shekha Bhatia for the Mailonline

The Marburg Virus

21st March 2020, published in The Telegraph Stanley Johnson: I predicted a pandemic like this in my novel 40 years ago. Pray for a happy ending | The Telegraph


Sky News

Boris Johnson's dad says he is 'proud' his son called him crusty

Stanley Johnson tells climate change protesters his son's label for them is "superb" and to "wear that badge with pride". by Greg Heffer


ITV This Morning

Stanley Johnson reveals he'll keep his head down now that Boris is PM

'Boris is much misunderstood': Stanley Johnson on life inside Britain's most political family

by Mick Brown, published in The Telegraph CLICK HERE ()

The Real Marigold on Tour

Starting 13th February 2019

Stanley joins the new series of The Real Marigold on Tour, which starts on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 13th February 2019 CLICK HERE

The Real Marigold Hotel

Stanley joined Selina Scott and the Krankies in The Real Marigold Hotel screened in August 2018 click here

My Hols: Stanley Johnson, interview by Caroline Rees for The Times

29th July 2018

He's biked in Afghanistan, picnicked with Buddha and survived a safari with Boris.

click here

Good Morning Britain

30th May 2018

Stanley Johnson on Good Morning Britain

Stanley Johnson was one of last year's fan favourites on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! so Joe Swash predicts which reality show he should appear on next. Stanley also talks about his latest book, Kompromat.watch here

Sail the Galapagos

19th May 2018

Exclusive for Mail on Sunday readers - sail the Galapagos with Stanley Johnson: Join the veteran environmentalist on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the island that inspired Darwin click here


World of Cruising

1st March 2018

Article by Louise Robinson: Star on Board click here

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine

24th February 2018

Article by Rob McGibbon: 'Since doing I'm A Celebrity... I've got 30,000 Twitter followers': Stanley Johnson gives his definitive answers to our most probing questions" click here for article


Im A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

November 2017

Stanley is off to the jungle, read more on the Im a Celebrity website click here

10th December 2017, Stanley writes for the Daily Mail

My jolly indiscreet jungle diaries, by STANLEY JOHNSON: Boris's dad battled with bulls' testicles, insect swarms and near-starvation... but the one torment he couldn't cope with was his co-stars' knickers! click here

In the Im a Celebrity . . . jungle, everyone can hear you ... The Times click here

Jungle viewers of Im a Celebrity inflict politicians on ... The Times click here



KompromatStanley Johnson's latest political thriller Kompromat claims to recount the story of the most audacious geo-political coup since Genghis Khan and his hordes swept across Asia into Europe.

The UK Referendum in June 2016, on Britain's membership of the EU, was a political showdown a British prime minister thought couldn't be lost. But the next morning Britain woke up to a shock result. Kompromat explores the skullduggery that might just have gone on behind the scenes.


Out in paperback 1st March 2018

Alain Elkann interviews Stanley Johnson author of Kompromat click here

Boriss father nets five-figure sum for Brexit thriller ... The Times click here


Stanley I Resume; Further recollections of an exuberant life

Stanley I ResumeThis second volume of rip-roaring and hilarious recollections from Stanley Johnson begins with him falling out of a tree on his 40th birthday, then picks up where its acclaimed predecessor, Stanley I Presume, left off. Stanley discovers he is descended from George II; is further outgunned by his clan of outrageously talented children which includes a columnist, a Member of Parliament, a banker, a singer, a sustainability expert and, oh yes, a Mayor of London; masterminds a successful campaign to end seal hunting in Canada; writes half a dozen thriller novels, one of which is made into a movie, and is awarded prizes by Greenpeace, the RSPCA and WWF for his conservation work.

This latest highly entertaining chapter in Stanley's life story (which he threatens 'may not necessarily be the last') is a treat for those who enjoyed the anecdotal style of its predecessor, and demonstrates that Stanley continues to keep his hat well and truly in the ring, as a politician, environmentalist, author, raconteur and a true original.

** BUY Stanley I Resume


Rewilding Europe Circle a new alliance of rewilding ambassadors

Rewilding Europe CircleRewilding Europe launched a new and important initiative on 2nd December 2015. A small assembly of prominent and respected individuals from Europe and abroad became founding members of the Rewilding Europe Circle a group that will champion and support our initiative in the widest sense possible. The Circle includes members from nine different countries, representing a wide range of skills, expertise and networks.



Alas Poor Johnny - A Memoir of Life on an Exmoor Farm: Foreword by Boris Johnson

by Buster Johnson (edited by Birdie Johnson)

Alas Poor JohnnyAlas Poor Johnny is a first-hand account of life on a farm in the 1950s, written at the time but reading with the freshness of the present. It will appeal to anyone, whether interested in Exmoor and old farming practices, a lover of the countryside and of animals, or just wanting to cheer themselves up with a good story, well told. It is a delight to read, hugely funny and, at times, touching.

Buster and Johnny spent the rest of their lives at Nethercote. She died in 1987, without ever publishing her book. Her daughter Birdie, who herself lived there for many years, has now done so on her behalf. Boris Johnson, Buster's grandson, has written a foreword.

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Eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP11) of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) | 3-9 November 2014 | Quito, Ecuador

Stanley Johnson



Speech at the Global March for Elephants & Rhinos in London on 4th October 2014



Saving Yasuni: Can a revolutionary plan protect the rainforest from commercial exploitation?

The Independent, 10th March 2013


NEW BOOK: UNEP The First 40 Years; A Narrative by Stanley Johnson

UNEP The First 40 YearsTo mark its 40th anniversary, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has sponsored a new book detailing the history of the Nairobi-based organization over the last four decades. . Written by award-winning conservationist Stanley P Johnson, the book charts the evolution of UNEP from its inception at the landmark Stockholm conference of 1972 to its position today at the heart of the global environmental movement. Entitled: "The First 40 Years; A Narrative", the book - which is not an official UN history but the view of its world-acclaimed author - explains in depth UNEP's role at the forefront of efforts to protect the environment and is stuffed with interesting facts and figures.

| BUY UNEP The First 40 Years

| Interview: Stanley Johnson on the green agenda

| click here for sample pages

| Book review: Blue and Green Tomorrow


NEW BOOK: Where the wild things were

Where the wild things wereIn this volume of collected travel and environmental journalism, Stanley travels from Exmoor to Ecuador, India to Istanbul, and across many other routes. He is charged at by mountain gorillas, encounters pandas, tigers, blue-footed boobies and the elusive blue whale. Dauntless, he climbs Kilimanjaro, catches cold at the Glastonbury festival, tracks down his ancestors in Turkey and meets legendary environmentalists such as Jane Goodall.

Behind the infectious Johnson humour, there lies the deep passion of a man who has spent his life in search of wild places and wild animals, and is committed to their defence. Reading this book, it is impossible not to catch the thrill.

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SurvivalOur ruthless exploitation of the natural world has already driven many wild animals to the brink of extinction. Among the most threatened are many migratory species, whether avian, terrestrial or marine. Because in most cases these species cross national boundaries, the need for international conservation efforts is particularly great. Albatrosses and petrels, migratory water-birds and raptors, whales, dolphins and other marine ammals; antelopes and forest elephants and even gorillas these are just some of the key species that are the subject of this meticulously researched and richly illustrated book.

Produced in conjunction with a UN agency, this book is both an informative warning against the threat facing many species and a stunning celebration of their beauty.

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The Gorilla Organization (GO) - Mount Kilimanjaro Charity Climb

Click on http://events.gorillas.org/stanleyjohnson to support.

I had my 70th birthday in 2010. I also took on the Chairmanship of The Gorilla Organization (GO) - www.gorillas.org - a small charity which has been working for over twenty years in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to try to save the remaining gorilla populations. GO also hopes to expand its work to other parts of Africa (e.g. Central and West Africa) where gorillas are under threat.

Takin on Kilimanjaro To celebrate these two events and to help raise funds for GO, I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro - almost 6,000 metres or 20,000 feet high!

Click here to read about my climb.

Click here for photos


Small amounts of money can make a huge difference.

25 will buy a ranger pack, including waterproofs, a torch and much-needed rations for gorilla rangers.

50 will plant ten trees, which will help to build up the buffer zone that separates the gorilla habitat and the local communities.

150 will supply a community with ten much-needed firewood-saving stoves.

In Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DRC If you would like to help gorillas by sponsoring my climb, please click on http://events.gorillas.org/stanleyjohnson

I am hoping to raise at least 10,000 for GO. And thanks to the generosity of Kuoni in supporting the climb, all funds raised will go direct to The Gorilla Organization to support its work.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

With best wishes,






SurvivalOur ruthless exploitation of the natural world has already driven many wild animals to the brink of extinction. Among the most threatened are many migratory species, whether avian, terrestrial or marine. Because in most cases these species cross national boundaries, the need for international conservation efforts is particularly great. Albatrosses and petrels, migratory water-birds and raptors, whales, dolphins and other marine ammals; antelopes and forest elephants and even gorillas these are just some of the key species that are the subject of this meticulously researched and richly illustrated book.

Produced in conjunction with a UN agency, this book is both an informative warning against the threat facing many species and a stunning celebration of their beauty.



Stanley I Presume

Published March 19th 2009 (Now available in paperback)

Stanley I PresumeA rip-roaring and hilarious memoir from Stanley Johnson - father of London mayor Boris Johnson. Stanley's story begins with a loud bang - when his father, an RAF pilot in the Second World War, crash-lands a Wellington bomber on a Devon airfield. A few years later Stanley's parents buy a sheep farm on nearby Exmoor, where Stanley does much of his growing up. Stanley would keep his links with this much-loved rural idyll throughout his life - while going on to become an explorer, author, occasional politician and also one of the world's first environmentalists. A sparkling raconteur and experienced thriller writer, in Stanley I Presume great stories are told in great style.
On leaving school in 1958 Stanley travelled alone through South America - hitching rides across the jungle on Brazilian Air Force planes - and shortly afterwards he rode a motorcycle 4,000 miles from London to Afghanistan, tracing the route of Marco Polo with two friends. After winning Oxford University's poetry prize with a love poem - written following a hilltop tryst in the West Country - Stanley went on to do various adventurous jobs, before working for the billionaire John D Rockefeller 3rd, the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Union.
Stanley married and started a family young - Boris was born in New York when his father was 23 - and while Boris would go on to become big news, the family's forbears also provide quite a story, as Stanley finds out. For the Johnson family's roots are not just in the West Country, but in Turkey too - where, as Stanley discovers, his politician grandfather Ali Kemal was torn to pieces by an angry mob. Stanley visits a Turkish village where the locals are blonde - later he learns that he and Boris are direct descendants of George II.

Stanley I Presume



Rescued by HMS Albion and home by sunset

HMS AlbionStanley Johnson returns to the UK courtesy of HMS Albion.
The Evening Standard.
Photo: Stanley with Commander John Gardner, the naval executive officer in charge.

Rescued by HMS Albion and home by sunset


Road to Shangri-la

Bhutan coronationStanley Johnson witnesses the coronation of Bhutan's new king.
The Independent Magazine.

Road to Shangri-la


Temples of Delight

Angkor WatStanley Johnson turns Indiana Jones to climb temples, fight snakes and eat local amphibians.
ES Magazine.

Temples of Delight - Angkor Wat


Forty years on from Tet: how the US won Vietnam

HanoiStanley Johnson returns to Vietnam four decades after the offensive that shattered American confidence in the war but reflects that the US went on to win the cultural battle. The Spectator.

Forty years on from Tet: how the US won Vietnam



You Stanley, me Jane

Stanley Johnson with Dr Jane GoodallFifty years after Jane Goodall began to study chimpanzees in the wild in Tanzania, Stanley Johnson meets a dedicated researcher risking her life for her passion.
The Sunday Times Magazine.

You Stanley, me Jane


Africa's boundary-breaking safari park

Africa's boundary-breaking safari parkStanley Johnson crosses the mighty Limpopo into Botswana and the heart of the Peace Park - a
vast area where wildlife will roam unchecked across three frontiers.

Africa's boundary-breaking safari park


Hope for Africa's endangered wild dogs

Wild dogs resting under a treeStanley Johnson goes in search of African wild dogs and finds reason to be hopeful about their future.
Telegraph Earth website.

Hope for Africa's endangered wild dogs


Nature's chance meeting

Cape TribulationAn hour after midnight on June 11 1770, Captain Cook's ship, the Endeavour, struck the coral reef off the shore of what is now called Tropical North Queensland. Financial Times.

Nature's chance meeting


International protection for world's sharks

Click here for article published on the Telegraph Earth website, 28th December 2007

For more info visit Shark Alliance


Reinventing the whale

Stanley, Sea of Cortez, BajaEnvironmentalist Stanley Johnson makes a new 50-tonne friend off the coast of Baja California, where eco-tourism has helped bring blue whales back from the brink. The Guardian.

Photo: Celia Condit

Reinventing the whale


International Rescue

Volunteering on a research project gets you closer than ever to some of the worlds most endangered species. Click here for article published in Harpers Bazaar, April 2007

Thin Ice

Stanley in AntarcticaTwo decades ago, the author and environmentalist Stanley Johnson wrote the definitive book about Antarctica. Here, he returns to see how life has changed in the last great wilderness. The Independent Magazine.

Thin Ice

Click here for more photos


Convention on Migratory Species


Press Release

In January 2007, Stanley was invited to become the third CMS Ambassador. More about CMS Ambassadors | Stanley's biog on CMS website


Niger Wildlife: In search of the addax

Niger Wildlife: In search of the addaxPlayboy hunters with helicopters and Kalashnikovs are driving the Sahel's fragile population of wild animals to extinction. Stanley Johnson travelled to Niger to witness the devastation for The Independent.

Niger Wildlife: In search of the addax

Click here for more photos


Tread softly among the iguanas

Stanley with giant tortoise, Galapagos IslandsIf you measure the significance of a topic by how much media attention it receives, I would guess that last year climate change came close to ousting the Iraq war as the number one issue. And as the new year stretches ahead of us on this first weekend of January, I am sure that the future of the planet - in particular the seemingly unstoppable rise in greenhouse gas emissions - will dominate our press and television. Stanley Johnson writes for The Financial Times.

Tread softly among the iguanas

Click here for more photos


Hunting down the hunter: A dying breed

Hunting down the hunter: A dying breedIndia's tigers are vanishing at an alarming rate, the victims of poachers and human pressure on their habitat. Stanley Johnson reports for The Independent from Madhya Pradesh.

Hunting down the hunter: A dying breed

Click here for more photos


The Great Ape Scandal

The Great Ape ScandalA special report about the future of the orang-utan in Borneo. Stanley writes for The Telegraph on how the natural habitat of the orang-utan is disappearing because of the spread of palm-oil plantations. The Great Ape Scandal

Stanley Johnson also spoke on BBC Radio 4's Today programme about the issue. Click here to listen.

Click here for more photos


Society for Protection of Animals Aboad

Stanley with SPANA - The Society for Protection of Animals Abroad - in DarfurStanley supports the work of the Society for Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) and has been to see their work in Darfur. Duty and the beast


The Gorilla Organisation

Stanley with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, now The Gorilla Organisation, in the CongoStanley is a Trustee of The Gorilla Organisation. In 2004 he visited their work protecting the Mountain Gorillas in Congo's National Park of the Virungas. Rumbles in the jungle.


Yawanawa Tribe in Brazil

On the road to ruinStanley examines the impact of a new highway through the Amazonian rainforest On the road to ruin

Click here for more photos



John Sergeant has earned his stripes

Stanley Johnson takes to the dance floorHow the hapless star of Strictly Come Dancing got me back in the ballroom.
Sunday Telegraph.

John Sergeant has earned his stripes



Backing Boris - Mayor of London

Boris's dad praises campaign

BBC News website | click here

BBC interview | click here


General Election Blog

In the General Election, Stanley stood for the Conservatives in Teignbridge, Devon. Read his campaign blog on the Channel 4 website, Election Blog

Channel 4 News' Political Impact Award

Stanley presented the award for the "Politician who has made the most impact..."




O come all ye faithful

Stanley JohnsonStanley writes for the New Statesman 'Conference Blog'.

Photo: David Birkin www.davidbirkin.co.uk

O come all ye faithful


Boris for Mayor - 'I'm prejudiced in his favour'

Stanley and BorisSome advice for Boris from a proud father. The Spectator.

Boris for Mayor - 'I'm prejudiced in his favour'



More4 'Stanley goes to Europe'

Stanley goes to Europe15 November 2006: Stanley Johnson, columnist, environmentalist, former Tory MEP and bon viveur travels to some of the most beautiful places in Europe to reveal how the EU is misusing vast amounts of our money.


Sky Report 'Can The World Cup Make You Happy?'

20 June 2006: Click here for video

Click here to read report on Sky.

Stanley was one of the four regular presenters of the new More4 TV Channel chat show, The Last Word.

BBC - click here to watch 'Johnson and Johnson's big night' from the BBC

In 2005 Stanley had a regular column in the Guardian...Click here for articles



Villa IreneSun, sea, odyssey - Stanley writes for The Telegraph Sun, sea, odyssey

At home with Boris's dad: Stanley Johnson and family in their Greek villa | by Talib Choudry in The Telegraph

Click here for Villa Irene



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