Stanley Johnson with his wife, Jenny (Photo by Roy Riley) Stanley Johnson with his wife, Jenny (Photo by Roy Riley)
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Stanley's Interests

John Adie Memorial Appeal officially launched! www.thetwomoorsfestival.co.uk/

Honorary President, The Gorilla Organization www.gorillas.org

For photos of Stanley's May 2004 trip to the Dem Republic of Congo to meet the gorillas go to www.gorillas.org/_Gallery/Photos.aspx?AlbumID=6

Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad www.spana.org.uk

Plantlife International - a charity dedicated to conservation of all forms of plant life www.plantlife.org.uk

Stanley is on the Advisory Board of Carbon Positive www.carbonpositive.net

Stanley is an environmental adviser to Jupiter Asset Management Green Funds and Socially Responsible Investment Department www.jupiteronline.co.uk

Friends of the Earth www.foe.co.uk

For Stanley's article "The Great Ape Scandal" go to www.foe.co.uk/campaigns/biodiversity/news/great_ape_scandal/

UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Great Apes Survival Project www.unep.org/grasp/Information_Material/press_rl.asp

The Conservative Party www.conservatives.com

Agent for Press and TV - Knight Ayton http://www.knightayton.co.uk/

The Last Word on More4 TV www.channel4.com/more4/microsites/L/lastword/